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Enrique Murciano Daily
Enrique Murciano Daily
Real Men Wear Pink
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30th-Sep-2009 06:46 pm - #004
Misc: Tea and biscuits

The photo quality appears a little ropey here, apologies. This is because the image is such high quality, if you click on the image you will be taken to the full size XD
24th-Sep-2009 10:25 pm - #001
Misc: Smiley buns
Welcome back to em_daily !
I know I have neglected this community, but from now on I am going to try my best to post an image of Enrique Murciano every day.
I have changed the rules so that only moderators can post images and I will no longer allow graphics or news items to be posted. This is an image only community.
In the future I will add a template so that members can submit their favourite pictures of Enrique to the posting queue to be approved by a moderator so that everyone can join in the fun, but for now lets get things back up and running!

21st-Apr-2007 10:16 pm - Relatively new...
Enrique: Smile
Enrique Murciano and Ashlee Margolis at Fred Segal Beauty and Smashbox Artists Dinner.

x xx
5th-Feb-2007 09:08 pm - Old appearances that are new to me!
A couple of pictures from Motorola's 5th Anniversary Party - benefitting toys for totts, with Molly Sims.

x xx
31st-Jan-2007 12:12 pm - New Image on eBay
This image turned up on eBay, personally I've never seen it before and damn its a good one : P

Hope you enjoy x xx
Prepare yourselves.

Guh factor = 100, 000, 001

A little cha-cha-cha with every meal.

x xx
2nd-Nov-2006 02:22 am(no subject)
Hey guys!
Wake up, wake up! Its hot Enrique time!

These are some pictures from the How To Go Out On A Date In Queens premiere.

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